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The sand washing machine belongs to the sand making equipment and belongs to the sand stone equipment. Its function and function is to sand the material, thus effectively ensuring the purity of the material. The new generation of sand washing machine and the traditional sand washing machine when compared with both functional and performance aspects, there are obvious improvements. The scope of use and comprehensive utilization are gradually improving. The equipment has made greater progress and breakthroughs in structural processes and technical applications. The equipment is also favored by customers in the line. Many customers in the purchase process of the equipment, will have a full understanding of the basic advantages of the equipment and the choice of manufacturers, in order to buy good equipment, the industry's veterans to give some professional aspects of the customer's attention Guidance, so that customers have more layers of protection in the choice of equipment. The advantages of sand washing machine 1.a large amount of processing The new generation of sand washing machine equipment has a very high production efficiency, so its production capacity is also quite large. The reason why the equipment has large capacity in the production process of the equipment is that the performance of the motor components of the equipment is superior and perfect, and the excellent motor components are one of the important and core components for improving the production capacity of the equipment. Therefore, the China Fote Machine Group adopts the electric motor. Parts, which fundamentally improve the production capacity of the equipment, so the processing capacity of the equipment can be fully expressed. 2. Reasonable structural design In order to fully demonstrate the unique advantages of the equipment, the equipment adopts a novel construction concept in terms of structural design, which makes the overall structure of the equipment simpler and more reasonable, and the equipment develops toward miniaturization, thus making the equipment The volume and weight have a wide range of adjustments. The small size of the equipment can reduce the floor space, which is conducive to the installation and maintenance of the equipment. The light weight equipment is convenient for the handling and transportation of the equipment, and the debugging work of the equipment is also Providing a series of conveniences, it is not difficult to find that small and miniaturized equipment also has great advantages for saving raw materials of equipment, thereby reducing the input cost of the equipment and improving the cost performance of the whole equipment. 3.the adjustment device is perfect The adjustment device is mainly developed to increase the amount of equipment used. As the demand for equipment continues to expand, the requirements of the equipment are also increasing. The degree of refinement of the discharge granularity is becoming more and more strict. The customer also has different grain sizes for different materials, and the function of the regulating device is to achieve the adjustment of the discharge size. The customer can carry out reasonable particle size control according to his actual needs, so that he can reach the level of satisfaction. In addition, the device can also realize the adjustment of the operating state, mainly by rationally adjusting the running speed of the device to realize the control of the output, so it is easy to see that a reasonable adjusting device is also one of the direct and effective methods for improving the output of the device. 4. the control system is developed The control system is the software operation part of the device. It mainly controls the hardware configuration of the device according to people's wishes and thinking. The more developed the control system of the device, the higher the automation state of the device. The higher the automation, the higher the automation. The higher the technological content of the equipment, the more simple the operation steps and operation procedures of the customer during the use process, which plays a decisive role in reducing the difficulty of use. The Zhengzhou FTM Machinery sand washing machine equipment has also made a careful and reasonable layout in terms of control. The highly complex operation procedures of the equipment are gathered together and programmed in a certain order so that the equipment can be improved in the normal production process. Production efficiency creates greater benefits and value for users.
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