Lien Searches
Ground Clearance is the lien search company designed to help the heavy equipment industry do the best job possible at verifying debt whether buying, selling, brokering, auctioning, or holding equipment as collateral. It starts with one simple lien search request form. We also work with the rental/leasing part of the industry. Having a lien filed when you rent out your inventory can keep it from being sold out from under you. The lien filing form has start and end dates. We will terminate the lien at the end of the period. No one wants their deal to end up as a liability. Ground Clearance helps you gain the peace of mind to move forward on your equipment deals. Need extra help with lien search? Ground Clearance could be your full service lien search department. We can retrieve the filings and work with your customers to get any necessary payoffs or releases. Check out the blog article and call a for more information. We provide UCC, tax lien, and civil judgment searches and lien filing nationwide in the U.S., and UCC searches & filings in Canada. In the United States liens are filed by debtor name, not by serial number. We work with N.E.R (National Equipment Register AKA IronCheck). NER data mines from the insurance industry and national crime databases. They will check to see if the unit(s) has had an insurance claim or listed as stolen or recovered.