Jeff Boone & Associates Auctioneers, our hard work is supported by our core values, which are the foundation of all we do. We maintain these values so you can be confident in everything that carries our name. Jeff Boone & Associates Auctioneers has extensive experience, with a clear understanding of potential challenges to success. That knowledge lets us improve upon the best tried-and-true methods. A little about Jeff... Jeff Boone is a full time Auctioneer who participates in over 250 auctions per year. His experience in auto auctions, real estate, farm and personal property auctions make him a well rounded professional with a vast understanding of the auction business. Growing up in the auction business didn't hurt a thing either! At the current age of 44, Jeff has been a part of the auction business since he was born. His Grandfather, the late Mort McShurley conducted thousands of auctions over his 50 plus year career. Mort was as many would say " The most credible and honest auctioneer in the business" and his ethical business practices and strong Christian beliefs are carried on even today as a result of his legacy. Its about family… Lynnette and Jeff have been married for 22 years and have two children, Mackenzie and Gunner. The whole family is involved in the auction business and will be for a long time according to the kids! Lynnette says.."We believe a strong family relationship is the core to a successful business". The Team makes it happen… Our name is Jeff Boone and "Associates" Auctioneers. and its our Associates that make it all happen ! With our set-up crew and office staff to our Auctioneers and Ring Help, we are able to offer a wide diversity of strengths and experience to every Auction we conduct. We believe that including additional Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers among our staff when needed ensures that we provide the best in expertise and marketing coverage. We are extremely proud of our crew and the job they do! Please contact Jeff Boone & Associates Auctioneers to learn how our services will benefit you.